CWOps Mini-Clubs and Callsigns

The CW Operators Club (CWops) has formed 15 mini-clubs that correspond to the ARRL Divisions. Each mini-club has obtained a club license and a vanity callsign with a suffix of CWO or CWT for use in special events, contests, or other operating activities. These mini-clubs also provide a focal point for CWops members within each ARRL Division.

A mini-club vanity callsign is available for use by a U.S. amateur who (1) has a current, valid FCC license and (2) is a CWops member in good standing. Permission to use a club vanity callsign may be requested by clicking on the desired call sign below to create a request form. The request form will be sent to the manager for the call for review and response.

Each amateur who has been granted permission to use the club callsign agrees to submit a log of the operations using the club callsign, in ADIF Format, upon completion of the time period for which usage is granted, by following the Submit Log link for the call used below.

Atlantic: K3CWO Submit Log Northwest: W7CWO Submit Log
Central: W9CWO Submit Log Pacific: W6CWO Submit Log
Dakota: W0CWO Submit Log Roanoke: KX4CWO Submit Log
Delta: KN5CWO Submit Log Rocky Mountain: WY7CWO Submit Log
Great Lakes: KN8CWO Submit Log Southeast: K4CWT Submit Log
Hudson: KE2CWO Submit Log Southwest: KE6CWO Submit Log
Midwest: N0CWO Submit Log West Gulf: KT5CWO Submit Log
New England: W1CWT Submit Log Cape Cod: KK1CWO Submit Log
Version 2.0 2019/10/05