Log Submittal Form for KK1CWO

Use this form to submit the ADIF format log from your operation using the callsign KK1CWO [only].

1.  Before submitting your log file, please ensure you have named it according to the following template:
     yourcall_date operation began (yyyymmdd).adi    Example: k5fnv_20180615.adi
     You may submit multiple logs for the same date by appending start time (UTC) to the filename.
     Example: k5fnv_201806150300. Please also ensure that the ADIF field "STATION_CALLSIGN" contains the
     special callsign you were using.

2.  Click CHOOSE FILE to browse for your file and confirm the correct file is selected.

3.  Click OK to upload your file.
     Your file will be uploaded to the CWops Vanity Call Signs archive and emailed to the call sign Trustee.

Select file to upload: