Policy: Calls are assigned for one or more UTC days. If request is for less than full days, enter UTC times in the date fields Example: 09/25/2018/0300.

Multiple RequestsIn the case of competing requests for a given call, preference will be given to the requestor from within the ARRL Division of the CWOps Mini Club holding the call. In case of multiple requestors from that ARRL Division, the call will be assigned to the first request received.

Logs: Guidelines for log submittal will accompany the email granting usage of the call. Logs must be forwarded no later than one week following the use of the callsign. Logs may be submitted in either a Cabrillo or ADIF format.

Summary: Users of the club calls are requested to prepare a short summary of the operation for the CWOps Newsletter upon completion of the operation. Typical items to cover might be the event or operation name, purpose, dates, participants, etc.

NOTE: When the Submit button is clicked, an email will be sent to the call sign manager with your information. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the call sign manager can process your request.